Private Lessons 



Private lessons are focused on clients and dogs specific needs and behavior modifications.

We start with an initial session to discuss the issues your dog is having. Then we create a plan to help you address and fix these issues.

Private lessons are best for:

  • Dogs with reactivity (with seeing other dogs and/or people)

  • Dogs with Anxiety

  • One-on-one training

  • Needing flexibility in schedule

  • Specific behavioral problems (Potty training, resource guarding, etc.)


All new clients must start with a initial session, then have the option to purchase a package or pay by the single.


Initial session (1-2 Hours): $130

  • Single session: $100

  • 4x session package: $350

  • 6x session package: $560

  • 8x session package: $760


Day Training 

Day training is much like private lessons but you do not have to be present for the sessions.

A trainer will come to your house multiple times a week for several weeks to work on specific behaviors you need help with and after will schedule a skill transfer to teach you how to maintain the behaviors.

Day Training is best for:

  • Owners who can not be present due a busy schedule

  • Dog's who feel more comfortable at home

  • More affordable over board and training programs

Initial session (1-2 Hours): $130

  • 6x Session Package (2x) 60 minute sessions & 1 skill transfer  at the end of the 3  weeks: $560

  • 9x Session Package (3x) 60 minute sessions & 1 skill transfer at the end of the 3 weeks: $800

  • 12x Session Package (4x) 60 minute sessions & 1 skill transfer at the end of 3 weeks: $950

Please contact us with any questions.