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Manners Programs 7  Weeks|$600 
All Manners packages are one-on-one training sessions.


Puppy Manners - is designed for puppies under 16 weeks of age. Puppy will get the opportunity to socialize with other puppies their age, learn basic cues and grooming/handling needs. This is the most important time in your puppy's life and the only time they go through this socialization period. All puppies MUST have the first rounds of shots at least 14 days prior to starting.


The first week of this program is orientation. 

If you are at all concerned about bringing your puppy out before vaccines are finished please read the  Puppy Socialization Position Statement from the American Society of Animal Behavior.

If you have any other questions, please send us an email.

Basic Manners - is designed for dogs 16 weeks and older. In this program you will be teaching your dogs basic cues such as recall, leave it, leash walking and more. You will also learn how to communicate with your dog. This program is a great option for those looking to be able to bring their dog out in public and/or to just brush up on those basic manners and everyday useful cues.

More Manners- is designed for dogs who have completed the Basic Manners program. Expand on the cues your dogs already knows with more distractions. Dogs can't generalize their Training. They may know basic cues at home, but when they step outside they may not be able to focus on following your instructions. This class will help your dog learn how to focus in a busy environment. This class is useful for those who want to take their dog into busy public places. You will also learn more useful cues for everyday situations.



Private lessons are focused on the client and dog's specific needs, both teaching cues and behavior modifications.

We start with an initial session to discuss the behaviors your dog is having. Then we create a plan to help you address and fix these issues.

Private lessons are best for:

  • Dogs with reactivity (to seeing other dogs and/or people)

  • Dogs with Anxiety

  • One-on-one training

  • Needing flexibility in schedule

  • Specific behavioral problems (Potty training, resource guarding, etc.)

Day Training


Day training is much like private lessons but you do not have to be present for the sessions.

A trainer will come to your house multiple times a week, for several weeks, to work on specific behaviors that have been discussed in the initial session. At the end the training, the trainer will schedule a time with you to do a skill-transfer session to teach you how to maintain the behaviors.

Day Training is best for:

  • Owners who can not be present due a busy schedule

  • Dog's who feel more comfortable at home

  • Those who are considering a board and train

Trail Hiking

A trainer or dog walker will come to your home and pick your pet up and take to the nearest trail.


This service is helpful for owners who do not have the time to take their dogs out to the local trails here in Augusta.

This is a great way to give your dog exercise and mental stimulation. Nature is great a great place where a dog can just be a dog.

Your dog NEVER goes off leash and will remain on a long line for safety. 

Dog Walking

It is important to get your dog out of the house to enjoy a good sniff walk!

Dogs rely on their nose to tell them important things about the world and it is a great way to get their brains thinking.

Sniff Walks are best for:

  • Older dogs who can't walk long distances

  • Puppies and confidence building

  • Dogs who need more exercise

  • Owners with a busy schedule

Walk N' Treat (Leash Training)

This service is offered for dogs who need a little guidance when walking on leash, either in your neighborhood or out in public.


A Trainer will come to your house multiple times a week for a set amount of weeks (whatever package you choose). At the end of the purchased package, a trainer will meet with you for a skills-transfer session, where they will cover what your dog learned and teach you how to maintain the skill.

Walk N' Treat is best for:

  • Dogs all ages

  • Owners with a busy schedule

  • Having difficulties teaching your dog to walk nicely with you

Wedding Attendant

Many couples want their dog to be a part of their wedding ceremony. This service is for those couples who want to make sure their day goes smoothly when they include their dog in the wedding. 

A trainer will set up training sessions before the wedding, making sure to work on things like loose leash walking down the aisle and forming a place cue. The trainer will also attend the wedding and handle your dog throughout the day for you. This service includes transportation to and from the ceremony.

Boarding add ons are also offered.

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