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7-Week Training Program


1 Hour Sessions


 Puppy Manners Program 7-Weeks | $600 

Ages 8-16 weeks 

Puppy Manners is a 7 week private lesson program.

Learn the basic fundamentals for a successful puppyhood.Sessions will be held in-home & in public. 

This program will cover:

  • Potty Training

  • Chewing/Nipping

  • Enrichment/Management

  •  Socialization 

  • Settling

  • Jumping 

  • Basic cues Grooming

  • Handling Skills

  • Crate Training

  • Tricks

 At the end of the 7 week program your puppy will earn a certificate of achievement.  

If you are at all concerned about bringing your puppy out before vaccines are finished please read the Puppy Socialization Position Statement from the American Society of Animal Behavior.

​​Basic Manners Program 7-Weeks | $600 

Ages 16 weeks & older

Basic Manners is a 7 week private lesson program.

Learn to develop clear communication with your dog.

This program is perfect for those dogs in the adolescent/teenage phase or for dogs who need to brush up on their basic manners. Sessions will be held in-home & in public. 

  • Chewing

  • Jumping

  • Leash Walking/Polite Greetings 

  • Stay Recall (come when called)

  •  Leave it/Drop it 

  • Management/Enrichment

  •  Basic cues/Settling 

  • Tricks 

 At the end of the 7 weeks your dog will earn a certificate of achievement.

More Manners Program7-Weeks | $600 

Ages 16 weeks & older

More Manners is a 7 week private session program. All dogs must complete Basic Manners before moving on to More Manners. This package is designed to teach your dog how to perform with more distractions in-home & in public.

  •  Recall with distractions 

  • Wait at the door

  • Stay with distractions & distance 

  • Place Polite Greetings/Leash Walking with distractions 

More cues & Trick

At the end of the program your dog will receive a certificate of achievement. This program is great option for those looking to expand on their dog's cues. 

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