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Trail Hiking

Prices Vary

Limited Space


Trail Hiking 

A trainer or dog walker will come to your home and pick your pet up and take to the nearest trail. 

This service is helpful for owners who do not have the time to take their dogs out to the local trails here in Augusta.This is a great way to give your dog exercise and mental stimulation. Nature is great a great place where a dog can just be a dog.

Trail hikes are ONLY available on Sunday mornings and last about 2-3 hours. All new hikers must start with a Meet N' Greet to assure that hiking is the best fit for your dog. 

 Group hikes, all dogs must be friendly with other dogs.

Anyone considering group hikes must set up a play date with other dogs to assure the group gets along. We encourage group hikes for dogs that already have play friends. Group hikes include both trainer & dog walker on hand.  

Single hikes are available and encouraged.  

​Your dog NEVER goes off leash and will remain on a long line for safety. We carry all the hiking essentials on hand. ​

Meet N' Greet: $80 (45 minutes)

  •  (2-3 hour) trail hike:$100

  • Additional dog:$20 ​​​

Please fill out a contact form for this service.

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