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Wedding Attendant

Many couples want their dog to be a part of their wedding ceremony. This service is for those couples who want to make sure their day goes smoothly when they include their dog in their wedding. 

A trainer will set up training sessions before the wedding, making sure to work on things like loose leash walking down the aisle and forming a place cue. The trainer will also attend the wedding and handle your dog throughout the day for you. This service includes transportation to and from the ceremony.

​ All new clients must start with an initial session.

Initial Session (1-2 hours) $150

Wedding attendant package $600

  • 4 1-hour training sessions

  • 2 hours of handling at the wedding

  • transportation to and from local venues

    •  (non-local venues require a travel fee)

Add ons:

  • additional training sessions $100 per session

  • additional time at wedding $100 per hour

  • boarding at trainer's home $45 per night

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