About Owner/Trainer

Growing up Miranda has always had a passion for animals. They knew there was more behind dog training besides teaching dogs basic cues and wanted to learn more about behavior. Doing so they found a dog training apprenticeship a few years ago and has now recently opened their own business! Miranda is currently part of the CATCH-Academy for Trainers working towards her dog training certification (CCDT) and soon  Fear Free Certification. Miranda thrives on educating themselves with the latest training  methods and will be continuing their education.  Their hobbies include, hiking/rock climbing with their dog Theo, visiting dog shows and is currently a Zoo Atlanta/Ga Aquarium Volunteer.


Meet our Dog Walker Emily!

Emily, has always had a love for dogs & cats! Growing up she would always feed the stray cats in her neighborhood and help lost dogs find their way back home. Her and Miranda are childhood best friends. Emily, has learned  to understand dog body language by assisting in sessions and is excited to be part of the team!  Her dog Rubee is her best girl!