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Growing up, Miranda has always had a passion for animals, especially dogs. She has always been interested in dog training and in 2018, she set out to become a dog trainer. Miranda knew that there was more to dog training than just teaching dogs cues. She believe that to be successful in training a dog, you have to understand the reasoning behind their behaviors. She wanted to make sure that she knew all there is to know about canine behavior and how to integrate that knowledge into her training practices. Miranda started her training career in 2018 as an apprentice to a reward-based dog trainer, then graduated to training on her own. In 2021 she opened Happy Tails & Trails, LLC in the hopes of helping dog owners in the CSRA! Miranda is currently part of the CATCH-Academy for Trainers working towards her dog training certification (CCDT) as well as a  Fear-Free Certification. Miranda thrives on educating herself with the latest training  methods and will be continuing her education, as there is always more to learn.  Her hobbies include, hiking with her dog Theo, rock climbing, visiting dog shows, and is currently a Zoo Atlanta/Ga Aquarium Volunteer.


Meet our dog walker, Emily!

Emily has always had a love for dogs & cats! Growing up she would always feed the stray cats in her neighborhood and help lost dogs find their way back home. Emily and Miranda are childhood best friends. She has learned to understand dog body language by assisting Miranda in sessions and is excited to be part of the team! Her dog Rubee is her best girl! 

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